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Soften hair and improve manageability with this moisturizing restorative treatment. This product will help to condition dry hair, tame frizzy hair, minimize damaged hair, and create a natural shine. It will also refresh and boost the look and feel of curly hair and leave each curl looking more defined and hydrated. This treatment will penetrate the hair shaft, improve elasticity which will prevent and restore breakage, provide a protective barrier to the hair, and act as a moisturizing agent. Your hair will be left feeling stronger, softer, and more manageable.



Argan oil 

Avocado oil 

Ying yang oil 

Lavender oil 

Hydrolyzed Keratin 

Silk protein 

Elastin protein 


Omega 369 



Shake to activate!

Spray an even sized amount of product onto dry or damp hair from the ears down. With fingers, distribute evenly especially on dry hair ends to restore moisture. Wrap hair up and leave on for at least 30-60 minutes. Wash out normally.